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Coaching for career path opportunities & clarity combined with life discussions

Adina Dinu executive & life coach
Adina Dinu about me

About me

“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily ” Zig Ziglar.

I am Adina and 3 years ago I have started a new journey as coachee, previously as mentee. And how motivation is recommended it daily, I went one step ahead, in a new chapter as coach which offers additional resource – inspiration. I am mother, wife, daughter, employee in same FMCG company in the last 15 years with today’s role as Sales Director and day by day I am bringing coaching one step closer to us. 

My Services

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with flexibility in coaching you can go one step forward

Adina Dinu my services


Your resources are so close to you, and I might support in getting you closer to them

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100% really listening to what you have to say



what you really want/can do as of now

What My Coachees Say

“Adina, your business experience and feeling of people helps to get clear answer on every difficult situation; It was very useful to get to know tips how to behave during tough negotiations and with manipulations; Every mentoring session I feel so comfortable, I thought that I know you all me live and can share with you everything – you always find way how to support and find solution”
Ludmila Kobzar
Ludmila Kobzar
“În întâlnirile cu Adina, am primit spațiul de care aveam nevoie pentru a-mi identifica strategia de soluționare a obiectivului ales. Chiar acum mă uitam la un obicei pe care l-am implementat în primele sesiuni, și sunt 300 de zile in care lucrez la versiunea mea mai bună. Dacă vrei și tu să lucrezi cu tine într-un mod profesionist, apelează la Adina”
Mihai Cazan
Mihai Cazan, Trainer & consultant la BLINKteach
''Adina m-a ajutat sa ma descopăr mai bine, sa îmi dau seama unde și de ce nu progresam, iar răspunsul era aproape de mine și l-am conștientizat cu ajutorul și răbdarea ei.''
''Adina este un mentor/coach ce s-a aliniat perfect la ceea ce vrem noi si chiar daca eram intr-o ceata la acest capitol, faptul ca am discutat cu ea si am vazut punctul ei de vedere asupra situatiei noastre, ne-a ajutat sa gasim un drum mai clar si sa schimbam usor usor abordarea noastra la capitolul business si munca in echipa. Astept cu nerabdarea urmatoarea sedinta. :)"
Claudiu Brotea, Co-Founder of Revup & Identity System Designer
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Adina Dinu

Executive & Life Coach​

Coaching for career path opportunities & clarity combined with life discussions

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